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Let Bench Billboard take your business and marketing message to the streets.

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Location, location, location. Bench billboards provide targeted and affordable marketing that can yield home sales for your agency or independent business.


In one year alone, I sold two homes directly from one bench ad! This is in addition to the many referrals and positive comments I receive as well.

— Diane K. Remer, Remerica Hometown One


I have used your bench advertising for years now. Of the many other advertising forms I’ve tried, I have found bench billboards to be the most productive personal promotion. I have had up to TWELVE (12) DIRECT SALES from the bench advertising and many indirect sales as well.

— Len Wilson, Century 21 Group Mennon


I wish to thank you for providing me with an effective and affordable means to promote myself. Please know that I get many sales leads directly from my bench advertising and have thus made home sales!  Thanks again for the return on my ad dollar.

— Roosevelt Barnes, Barnes Real Estate Group


Bench billboards are an effective part to any successful marketing campaign and can ensure that new customers are a phone call away.


I just have to let you know that I have been getting business directly from my bench ads! The ads help me have a strong presence right in my area. As I call on prospective clients, they feel they already know me because they “see me everywhere.”

— Jackie Meadows, State Farm Insurance


After multiple viewings of my bench ads, soon-to-be clients then receive a direct mail ad from me. That powerful bench ad, followed by direct mail, is the “one-two” punch that prompted them to call and give me their business.

— Michael P. Carr, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield


Your bench ads are a great asset to my practice!  Over the years, I’ve gotten two to three new clients each week directly from my ads, as well as reinforcing my other promotions. Plus, they direct out-of-state client transfers to my office. They are an excellent tool.

— Eric S. Davis, Allstate Insurance


Loan Brokers and Mortgage Companies invest in bench billboards to grow their business without breaking the bank.


Every month my bench advertising more than pays for itself with the calls directly generated. It’s strategically placed and offers excellent exposure at a fair price. People who know me, as well as out-of-towners, are reminded of my business and often immediately call me on their cell phones. The wonderful ad design ties compliments my other marketing for even better results and cross promotion.

— Lin Baker, Branch Manager, Norwest Mortgage


An astounding 50% of my business is coming from my outdoor advertising.  Homebuyers and sellers drive by my bench ads are promptly calling me.  I’ve even had twelve calls in one week from just one of my fifty bench ads.  Needless to say, the bench ads are yielding a huge return on my investment and the continual calls are keeping me very busy.

— Bradley M. Hogue, Sales Manager, Safeway Mortgage, Inc.


I have received many phone calls and great exposure from my four bench ads.  In the first two months of the campaign, I closed many new loans directly from the bench ads. A commission from just one of these loans paid for the whole year already!

— Kacie L. Champion, Owner, Star Lite Mortgage


Bench billboards take the pain out of searching for cost-effective marketing that can expand your client base.


Our bench ads paid for themselves within the first two weeks and have since done so many times over. We were surprised at how effectively they work as a direct response medium. Another benefit is that patients are always saying they see our attractive bench ads all around. We see this as also providing an excellent reinforcement to our other marketing efforts.

— Henry J. Bell Jr., President, Bell Family Chiropractic, Inc.


I have found that the benches serve as an economical way to keep my name constantly in the public eye, enhancing efforts to broaden my customer base.

- Dr. R. G. Packo, Packo Chiropractic


The recent increase in clientele is a strong indication that the bench advertising is working for our client.  I found it easy to target particular areas, down to individual neighborhoods, like no other media.

— Angie Bugert, Director of Consumer Media, The Lauerer Markin Group, Inc.


Legal firms and Attorney’s at Law who invest in bench billboard advertising strengthen their marketing and open the door to signing new clients.


We are getting a solid return on our ad investment and our bench ads regularly generate inquiries for our services.  The indirect effects are noted in our being told our name is “everywhere.” This market dominance, coupled with the public service of the benches at bus stops, reinforces our other advertising tools and boosts our prestige and credibility in the entire community.

— David W. Craig, Craig, Kelley & Faultless Attorneys at Law


I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent service and great placement of our bench billboards. We received plenty of positive feedback and business from them during our 15+ months of use.

— Stevin J Groth, Esq., Groth & Associates, Attorneys at Law


This means of advertising has given me excellent name recognition in my community. As matter of fact, half of my new clients mention that they saw my name on a bench so they gave me a call.

— Jef Fifer, Fifer Law Office, Attorneys at Law


Success is in the sale, and bench billboards can effectively and affordably help your company meet and beat its goals.


Your bench ads have allowed us to target areas immediately around our stores effectively creating a vast net of extended signage. This generates the needed awareness not only for Murray’s but also the local store’s location.

— Tom Schuck, CPA, Controller, Murray’s Discount Auto Stores


Eight months after starting the bench ad campaign our business was up about 30% over the previous year. Our discriminating clientele has given favorable feedback on our bench ads.  We also continue to see many new customers in our showroom and thus sales as a direct result of our choice bench ad locations. Additionally, the top-of-mind awareness Walton’s receives is great.

— Bruce A. Walton, President, Walton’s Distributing, Inc


Our use of your bus stop bench ads contributed greatly to our success this year in meeting our sales goals.  We are happy to say that we sold many of the highest end (and other) appliances because people saw then on our bench ads. Also, the gorgeous ads you designed created the upscale image we needed and generated lots of positive talk.

— William J. Zetterberg, President, Angert’s Appliances


Automotive companies know a great deal when they see one and use bench billboards to drive customers to their doors.


The Bench Billboards have been great. As you know, I’m a one-shop operation, and the people seeing the benches think I’m a much larger operation. The cost is fair and the advertising works very well. I’m very pleased.

— Earl F. Ingels, President, Allstate Transmissions


We are very satisfied with the awareness generated in the exact trade area we desire. We can even target specific street corners!  We find bench ads a unique means of promotion that makes our dealership stand out in a crowed market.

— Mark Sweeney, President, Walt Sweeney Pontiac/GMC


Over the years, we’ve continually used many of your bench ads because they work and create positive imagery and feedback for our dealership…we know that bench ads have brought in many new customers directly and indirectly. We’ve found your ads to be most appealing in design and the benches well maintained.

— Michael C. Kelsey, President, McCluskey Chevrolet-Geo


Bench billboards serve consumer service businesses with round-the-clock advertising to increase customer calls and ROI.


The stop-lighted intersections where our mini-billboards are located creates an inescapable presence “24-7.” This has generated a significant boost in revenue and positive brand awareness for Monster.com.

— Steve Cooper, Market Manager, Monster.com


The revenue and transaction volume…have increased significantly over the normal run rate during the time period the (bench) advertising was in place.

— Dave Grabel, Market Development Manager, Western Union


Being fairly new, growing company I spend a lot of money on advertising, and I think, dollar for dollar, the benches have turned out to be the best advertising I have.

— Larry F. Taylor, Taylor Air Heating & Cooling


Out of sight, out of mind. The broader your customer base, the more efficient and cost effective bench billboards are.


Since 1968, we have been the beneficiary of Bench Billboard’s fine advertising services. Our attractive eye-level ads bring us new business. Plus, we maintain a dominant, day-in, day-out, presence that amplifies the effectiveness of all our other marketing efforts.

— Bill Rutherford, President, Rutherford Funeral Homes


We are happy with the design and the great locations we were able to secure.  We know that they are generating the top-of-mind awareness and image we desire.

— Jana D. Holman, Vice President, Source Net, Inc.


We’ve been able to evaluate our bench ads and find that about 20% of our foster parent recruits are calling solely from our bench ads wishing to have a child placed in their home.

— Bonita M. Campbell, MS, LSW, Director of Foster Care & Adoption

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