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Advertising with Bench Billboard Company is one of the simplest and most cost effective methods of getting out your company’s message, 24-hours a day, every day. Bench Billboard Company provides its clients with complete SERVICE, including ad consultation and design. Plus, we handle all production and maintenance of our bench billboards.

With thousands of bench billboards, advertisers can select to saturate an entire city, a neighborhood, a single street, or a single location and achieve maximum reach and frequency at a minimal cost. Sponsoring a bench billboard keeps these needed seats serving the public.

The LOCATIONS of our bench billboards are strategically placed for an up front, curbside exposure that yields maximum eye-level exposure.

  • Serving bus stops
  • Near busy intersections with a stoplight
  • Close to businesses and shopping

Bench Billboard Company can work with your budget to find the perfect solution to your advertising and marketing needs. Even a single board can yield results. For best possible RATES, contact a Bench Billboard representative at 1.800.541.7368 or fill out a Contact Form.

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